Thursday, March 25, 2010

Big Bite for Lunch

By TP Little bro

A new entry to the Twin Palates world is the highly competitive lunchtime menu.

Jumping on board the sandwich/burger trend, I decided to try a sandwich bar called “Big Bite on Pitt” which has received some serious street cred in the lunchtime yuppie crowd. Hearing of it's popularity, we pre empt the lunch time rush and head over early. We arrive around 12.15pm to a line at least 20 people deep.

Fifteen minutes later, we make it to the inner sanctum, a tiny hole in the wall venue which strangely felt reminiscent of the soup kitchen from Seinfield (not sure why given the staff here are warm and friendly).

I heard from fellow connoisseurs that the Chicken Schnitzel and the Grilled Chicken varieties are popular choices but because I love lamb and because it was a ‘special of the day’, I chose to go with the Grilled Lamb Sandwich.

By simply looking around, I knew I was in for something BIG. People were walking out with giant packages of foil and when my order came out, it was so big I felt like cradling it in my arms back to the office (due to limited seating, the small tables out front are pretty much it).

Staff working hard in a sea of giant bread slices and countless kilometres of aluminium foil.

In an attempt to portray just how big it was, I took off my size 40 Oxford shoes (roughly 31cms long) to use as a benchmark.

Grilled chicken sandwich depicted below. I was just too excited and devoured the lamb before remembering to take a picture.

At $9 a pop, Big Bite definitely delivers on both quantity and quality. The sheer size of the bread slices made me a little worried that would be all I would taste. But I was very wrong. It was the exact opposite of a stereotypical bad lunchtime sandwich. It wasn’t too salty, it wasn’t overcooked and the salads didn’t look or taste like anything that would make Gordon Ramsay start cursing profusely. The lamb was delicious – seasoned well, cut into small and manageable bite size pieces with just the right amount of chilli to give it a kick. And the bread added a nice texture, especially when you got to the crunchy crusts. My lunch buddies agreed and judging from the silence when eating followed by a wave of mmmm's and ahhh’s, it was definitely a winner.

Portion wise, half a sandwich should be enough to fill the average Joe. And if you want to line up a quick dinner or afternoon snack, save the other half for later.

Will definitely be returning for more soon.

Big Bite on Pitt
Shop 3, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW
Ph: 02 9283 4700

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